(Please tell me you got the Sir Mixalot reference?Big piles – see what I did there?)

I’ve received a couple of messages from friends (thanks ya’ll!) asking me what kinds of books I’ll be reviewing as my instagram feed does not showcase a lot of fiction. Then they wanted to know if my big To Be Reviewed pile is really ALL nonfiction?

First answer: yes, my instagram feed – which you should be able to see over on the right hand side of the page ->
accurately sums up what I want to talk about – which is <gasp> nonfiction. Nonfiction books don’t get the love and adoration that fiction books do: I want to change that. One is not better than the other, and I can feel just as passionate about Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s upcoming book Astrophysics For People In A Hurry as I can about Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things.

I have a book journal where I wrote down all 49 titles I wanted to start with (no, this journal didn’t allow for a 50th title).I have already read all but a handful of these books. My big TBReviewed pile task now is to go back through each book and pick out the most useful and relevant parts and write them up for you. I have no desire to rehash what you could read about in a synopsis: my goal is to take what I’ve learned from each of these books and share it so you can better find your next helpful read.

And I’m keeping them short – here’s all the room I have to write:

Now, I know what I would be thinking. You can’t get much help from a few sentences and I completely agree with you. What I’m hoping to do is entice you to read more and help wade through the umteen-thousand self-help titles out there to show you only the best and most practical books out there!

Now, I’m not going to ignore fiction. In fact, I will highlight fiction that points to a fundamental human truth that could really help you if read at the right time.

I’ll leave you with a fiction title for now:
I Like Big TBReviewed Piles (And I Cannot Lie)The Illumination by Kevin Brockmeier
on 02/01/2011