Review: The Mindfulness Teaching Guideby Rob Brandsma
Published by New Harbinger Publications Genres: Nonfiction


By far, this is the most helpful book on teaching mindfulness I’ve ever read. While there are plenty of books on how to practice mindfulness, there aren’t as many on how to teach it or that go into details on the experience.
What shines through in this book is Brandsma’s personal experience and care for others. This is not a dry and heady book: Brandsma sounds very kind and encouraging with just enough examples to feel better prepared after reading his words. Brandsma refers to this as ‘heartfulness’ as being the key element in teaching mindfulness and it shows in his work.
His chapter on ‘What the Teacher Brings to the Training’ should be required reading for all meditation instructors, new or experienced. The balance between being competent in techniques yet open and willing is a tricky thing to work with and it causes worry in many a new teacher. He compares being a mindfulness teacher to mastering music. One needs basic skill in order to use the instrument but it takes practice and allowing the music to come out that creates the art.
Highly recommended!