I have spent a lifetime reading, absorbing, and being inspired by books and the words of others. I have experienced the same thoughts, feelings, and questions which many other human beings have – why am I here, how can I be happy, what should I make for dinner – and have mined the knowledge that’s out there for the most efficient and practical answers.

What I offer is a peek into a targeted selection of books, podcasts, websites, and more to help you find the answers you seek. I have picked through the writings of some of the brightest creatives in our time and assembled their thoughts to help answer “How do I live a better life?”.

 That’s where this site comes in.

Self help books fail not because they don’t have good advice: it’s actually figuring out how to implement it that causes people to keep buying and buying and buying. I’m refining the $11 billion dollar “self-help” industry and simplifying the glut of information into practical, step by step habits: because not everyone has time to read every book on the shelf. I already did that for you

From the moment we wake up, we feel the rush of words streaming back into our consciousness. We are a bunch of wordy, hairless primates who use language all day long. Whether we are talking to ourselves, those around us, or even the dog, one of our defining characteristics is our ability to know and name.  Try to bring up an image and many of us would have a hard time *not* using words to describe at least part of the picture in our heads.

Humans and their thoughts, then their actions based on those thoughts (otherwise known as ‘behavior’), simply astounds me. We walk around with words in our heads until we arrange them to mean something to us, and then we act on these ineffable things! Sometimes we tell other people about our intangible, delightfully time-sucking mind holes and shazam – we have an effect on their lives.

We eventually learned how to put our words down in a more tangible format – in writing. We could now carry the thoughts of others across land and sea to influence others and build upon what was once only verbalized. The greatest structure ever created housed the incarnate thoughts of so many – the very first library.

My desire is to listen to you and your questions, then give you bite-sized recommendations to find your answers.

How This Site Works

Click here to fill out my questionnaire to receive your personalized reading list.  I will respond with either more questions or my recommendations on the best books to read for your situation. You have the freedom to come back and say “I need more detail” or “I want different recommendations”. My goal is to get you started in a direction and help you implement what you find there.

You can also search through the blog posts on books, podcasts, videos, and interviews. I focus on using evidence-based sources of information such as Western Psychology, applied behavior principles, and third-wave cognitive behavior techniques for practical instructions in your head but I include a heavy doses of compassion, inspiration, creativity, Eastern Psychology, and jaw-dropping wonder for happiness in your heart.

This site is dedicated to all of the thinkers, writers, authors, creators, philosophers, wonder-makers, and doers of this world; but most of all, the readers who carry the hope of finding the right words to unlock their greatest potential.